Dr. Badrinath Patnaik

~ Chairman ~

Dr. Badrinath Patnaik


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The objective of setting of the Prashanti Hospital ,its vision and mission, information about its network, its physical and manpower infrastructure, its clinical expertise and its future plans to have a comprehensive information sharing platform that caters to the information needs of patients -domestic and international, medical community, employees, current and prospective, business partners and policy makers. Prashanti Hospital is inspired by the promoters of Sri Sathya Sai Lok Seva Trust in association with SXE Trust is a growing healthcare provider in Odisha to provide high quality health care to the people of India, in a hub and spoke model. Prashanti healthcare has a sizable presence in clinical areas including cardiac are orthopaedics and neurosciences. The competencies of the two systems jointly will help in enhancing service delivery capability and set benchmarks for the way healthcare is delivered in India .

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Heart assessment 90%
heart surgery 70%
rehabilitation & therapies 85%
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